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Why Does Your Cat Bite You?

Why Does Your Cat Bite You?

Why does your cat bite you? Cat biting may seem to be a normal behavior for cats. But sometimes this can be confusing to the cat owner. One minute your cat seems to love the attention then the next minute bites you.

There can be three explanations to cat biting:

Affectionate Cat Bite

Biting can also be your cat’s way to show affection. Some dubbed such biting as love bites. Mommy cats nibble and lick on their kittens when grooming. This could be your cat’s way of telling you of his love for you.

Do not hit or yell at your cat. The simplest way to stop the behavior is to walk away.

If such behavior annoys you, you can redirect his attention. Give your cat a treat or his favorite toy to distract him.

Playful Cat Bite

When your cat bites you, it may mean that he just wants to play. Biting and licking are part of a cat’s play.

Most cats that play rough are those that were separated from the cat litter too young. Kittens that were able to interact with their siblings and mommy are able to learn the extent of rough play.

You can teach your cat that such rough play is not acceptable. Like affectionate biting, walk away when your cat is biting too much. This will let your cat know that to play with you, he has to be more gentle.

Overstimulated Cat Bite

As many know, cats have their own threshold of things. Just when you thought they are having fun they suddenly bite you.

They liked being petted or played with but to some extent only. And that is the tricky part in understanding your cat – when is play enough or too long?

It can be different from cat to cat. One way to know if your cat is getting overstimulated is their body language. When you see your cat’s tail is wagging, ears are back and body stiffening, then time to back off.

Some cats even go from purring to over stimulated in a matter of seconds. It is essential to read your cat’s body signals to avoid overstimulation.


Cat biting may be part of your cat’s behavior. But you can still avoid it by learning to understand your cat.

With these, you know the answer to the all too common question: why does your cat bite you?

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