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Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere – Even The Bathroom?

Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere – Even The Bathroom?

Have you ever wondered why your dog follow you everywhere? And yes, even if the bathroom?

This has been one of the source of jokes for pet lovers. But this is actually happening in real life. When you have a dog, alone time is scarce. Your dog wants to be with you everywhere you go.

What is behind this behavior?

Dogs are territorial and as part of the family, you are part of the territory that he secures. It is their intrinsic behavior to work as a cooperation. That he can be a back-up when you explore the house, including the bathroom.

Another reason for your dog to follow you is that he does not want to be alone. You are your dog’s world and being together always is what he wants.

You can lessen this behavior when you provide a distraction. Give your dog a toy or keep him entertained while you go about your day with a toy stuffed with a food treat. Make sure that you exercise your dog even for just 30 minutes a day. Then teach your dog the basic commands such as sit stay and come.

Dog following may be annoying but it is one way of your dog’s affection to you.

So the next time your dog is walking a few steps behind you, it may be a reminder that he needs his walk or your attention.

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