3 Important Pet Boarding Questions You Ask (Before Boarding Your Pet)

pet boarding questions

3 Important Pet Boarding Questions You Ask (Before Boarding Your Pet)

Before boarding your pet, here are 3 important pet boarding questions you need to ask.

Today, there are several options on pet boarding facilities as the need for them arose in the recent years. Pet owners are given the convenience of leaving their pets in a safe place while they travel. This means that they can enjoy their trip, be it for business or for leisure without worrying about their furry kids.

But like anything in life, deciding on the right pet boarding facility can be confusing.

So here are 3 important pet boarding questions you ask to make sure that you choose the best one for your pet: (link)

Where will your pet stay?

When boarding your pet, you have to check the condition of the area. Ask the in-charge to allow you to see the place where your pet will stay. This way you will be assured that your pet will have a comfortable place while you are away.

Other than the spot for your dog, also observe the surroundings. A good quality pet boarding facility should have overall cleanliness.

If you feel that the pet boarding facility is lacking or does not suit you, it is okay to find another one.

Will your dog have exercise?

Activity is important for most dogs. That is why you should ask the pet boarding facility of important details. This includes exercise schedule of the pet boarders. You can also ask for the frequency of the exercise.

Know also what other activities available for your pets. Such as interaction with other dogs or pets within the facility if allowed. These activities will keep your pets healthy and avoid getting bored.

What are the basic requirements?

Find out the requirements prior to boarding as well the must bring pet stuff on the day of boarding.

The basics should include your dog food, favorite toy and medical history. It is important that your pet is also updated on vaccinations to ensure a healthy environment for every pet.

Ask for the rates as well and other inclusions to know the total fee for using the pet boarding facility. You may include other services such as grooming, dental services and others while your pet is already there.

Think about it as your pet’s own vacation while you go on your travel adventures.

So if you plan to leave your pet this summer, find a pet boarding facility near you. Learn as much as you can of these facilities. And do not forget to ask the pet boarding questions to the staff or in-charge. 

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