Apartment Living Dogs: Do They Need Anti-Fleas and Ticks Treatment?

apartment living dogs

Apartment Living Dogs: Do They Need Anti-Fleas and Ticks Treatment?

We understand how you feel.

You arrive from work and you see Truffles scratching and itching nonstop.

Oh no! Could this be the worst nightmare of all pet parents? But how can this be? Truffles rarely go outside, she is always inside your apartment!

Which leads you to the question …

Apartment living dogs: do they get fleas and ticks?

Which leads you to the NEXT question …

We have apartment living dogs, HOW can they get fleas and ticks?

You will be surprised at the possible sources:

  1. Human Visitors

… and this includes you!  You and your human visitors can be carriers of fleas and ticks. Anyone coming into your home could be a carrier of fleas. They can be brought in from the your visitors’ own home or pet without their knowledge.

Fleas can hide themselves in your visitors’ pants leg, socks, shoes, shopping bags etc.

Ticks can attach themselves to any part of the body, including the groin, under the arms, inside the ear, in the hair, inside the belly button, and behind the knee.

  1. Outside your apartment home

Anytime your pet goes out into the world — even if it is only:

  • A short walk around the street
  • A play date at the local dog park
  • A visit to the veterinarian
  • An overnight stay for pet boarding
  • A trip to the groomer
  • A ride in the car and other

… your pet is being exposed to the opportunity for fleas and ticks to hop aboard.

  1. You brought home furniture with fleas

If you are a fan of vintage furniture or pre-loved home furnishings, you may have unwittingly carried flea eggs into your home.

You think that you luckily scored a home item, a coat, or a bag at a very low price from your neighbor’s Garage Sale? Double-check that carpet or curtain that you bought from a Garage Sale a few weeks ago.  These may have hidden pests clinging on them!

TIP:  Vacuum that carpet or curtain or sofa repeatedly. Eggs can stay dormant in the environment for months until the right conditions are met for hatching, so keeping things cleaned up will be beneficial.

  1. Previous apartment tenant had pets with fleas!

When you moved in to your apartment, ticks are already there!  

These ticks already have their eggs in different parts of the your apartment. They typically lay their eggs near baseboards, windows and doors, furniture, edges of rugs, and curtains.

Now that we know that apartment-living dogs can get fleas and ticks, you now have the answer to the very first question:

Apartment Living Dogs: Do They Need Anti-Fleas and Ticks Treatment?


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