Why Do Cats Leave Poop Anywhere At Times?

cats leave poop anywhere

Why Do Cats Leave Poop Anywhere At Times?

Cats are known for their cleanliness. They clean after themselves after peeing and pooping. It’s like they are born to be like that. But there are times that you will notice cats leave poop anywhere.

This makes you wonder why at times, they simply leave their poop out in the open. Why do cats do this?

Medical Related Issue

When your cat does this unusual behavior, it is important to note if there is a medical condition. Your cat may experience pain while defecating. And wants to get out of the litter box as soon as possible.

It could also be that your cat has been declawed recently or paw infection. This makes scratching or covering their waste painful.

Behavioral Condition

If it is not medical, then your cat is showing behavioral issue.

Researchers say that your cat may not like the litter used or do not like to pee and poop in the same litter box. So you can experiment by placing more than one litter box and use different litter on each box.

One theory that your cat may be doing this is to let the people in the house know who is in charge. In other words, your cat is saying that he owns the place – including you and other members of the family.

It is a cat’s way of making a territorial statement. Yes, even if you think you own the cat, in the cat world, they like to own not just territories but their humans too. 

It is funny to think it that way but behavior of cats can sometimes be strange to humans. And still, they are loved anyway. So the next time you notice your cats leave poop anywhere, you have an idea why they are doing so.

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