Stella: Beagle-Pitbull
Pool lunch breaks and swimmies with this little one ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’– #prouddogmom #Stella #furbaby ๐ŸŒด Submitted by Reby Baldoz
Yuki: Siberian Husky
Nagjogging, nauhaw, nagselfie!!! Me and Yuki strolling at BGC! Submitted by Denilyn Cabigao
The Dog and Muning: Mix breed / Aspin
The Dog and Muning and Me, swim together at the beach of Anilao Batangas. They like to swim with me[...]
Coco: Shih tzu
Coco โค๏ธThe best part of my day is coming home to coco to do our bonding time which is walking[...]
Janna: Siberian husky
Obedience Training with Dadhie Mark ๐Ÿ™‚ Submitted by ELaiza Gerpacio-Santos
Hachie: Aspin
First Dog 1.5kM Run of Hachiepotpot Submitted by Pam Petinez
Coco: Belgian Tervuren
Happy and healthy ikamo? This is how we do it! Meet my walking buddy, Coco! Submitted by Nhette VSantos
Playmate Collection’s Golem: Beagle
Our pet Golem is the smartest, sweetest, and most adorable dog ever. Golem and I have a special bond, and[...]
Roxy: Mix
Me and my pretty 'Roxy' after a walk in the park that we always do om my restdays, of course[...]
Petchie: Shih tzu
The first event that we join W/ my petchie kulit..๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜Š Submitted by Petchie Kitchie
Chopper: Chow chow
Running with Chopper baby. It is one of our favorite activities. Submitted by Clarisse Lumaquez
Kobe: Shitzu
This is my furbaby Kobe. He loves going out of town with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Submitted by Arvee Lucido
Happy: Lhasa Apso
Here is our furbaby "Happy" who loves walking to the park, that keeps us both happy and healthy. Submitted by[...]
Beagelito: Beagle mix
A HEALTHY dog is a HAPPY dog! You can see from my dog's smile that he enjoyed running the MARATHON[...]
Brida and Zaije: Siberian husky and Pomeranian
After jogging. Rest and took a selfie with my not so little girl Brida (Siberian husky) and cutie kuya Zaije[...]
Our doggie's name is Toybi. Early in the morning we love to walk around the subdivision but since he's lazy[...]
Sasha of Vortex: Siberian Husky
Sasha of Vortex is a Siberian Husky, 14months old. Originally bred from Tagaytay Philippines, Vortex Kennel. Sasha and I loves[...]
Fallen and Percy: Half Lab and Aspin
Walking time with babies ๐Ÿ™‚ Submitted by Audie Deza-Pacaรฑa
Saf: Shih TZu
Hello My Name is Saf, I was named after the dreadful event SAF44. This photo was taken during our trip[...]
Poopie: Aspin
Me and my furbaby Poopie! This was taken when we were taking a stroll through the village park. She's a[...]
Small: Aspin
After training Small to do tricks, she loves to dress up and pose for pictures. She has a natural smiling[...]
Kiko and Kara: Chihuahua
Morning walk with my babies ๐Ÿ˜ Submitted by Mizuki De Luis
annie, potch, blue: shih tzu and chowchow
these are my awesome jogging and selfie buddies :)) from left to right - Annie, Potch and Blue ^^ we[...]
Darla: Pomeranian
She is darla my furbaby.always energetic and very friendly Submitted by Gina Dy
Dexter: Mini Dachshund
Nap time with my uncle while mom is doing the laundry..#NapTimeIsLife - Dexter The Pogi Dachshund Submitted by Jam Popa
Oxy: Half maltese half poodle
Oxy and I love to jog every morning. When she wakes up, she loves to jump on my bed and[...]
Audi and Chloe: Shih-tzu
This is me and my pets Audi and Chloe....We love going to the mall and just play around! They have[...]
Berting: Pomeranian
#bertythepom..My baby berting really loves riding bicycle with me... whenever he sees me near it, he shows how much he[...]
Shanks: Aspin
Hi! This is Shanks. Sometimes we call him shankikoy. Shanks is soooo malambing , especially pagnagaaya siyang lumabas.๐Ÿ˜Š He loves[...]
Miko: Duchshun
walking in the street Submitted by Karen Erese Sorongon
Unagi: Yorkie
My Dog's name is Unagi. This photo was taken after finishing the 5KM run during the 'Color Fur Run'. Nagi[...]
sasuke legaspi: shih tzu
my baby sasuke and his papa taking a break after a long walk in our subdivision Submitted by Sanivel Legaspi
Max and Furby: Siberian husky
The Pig The Dogs and The stick. #maxandfurby Submitted by Katrina Yano
Adi: Labrador Retriever
Our Saturday morning routine, zumba & walking with my 10 y/o Labrador, Adi. Submitted by Emlyn Escano
Savannah, Coraline & Georgia: Liver Shihtzu, Chinese Crested and Corgi
Selfie with my dogs after an early morning.๐Ÿพ Submitted by Hehewuti Mohana
Iggy: Half Siberian Husky Half German Shepherd
Iggy and her bestfriend, Mruno, both love to swim. This photo was taken during her first swimming session at Bulacan[...]
Max: ShihTzu
Like a family picture ๐Ÿ˜„ me and my hubby with our pet 'Max' celebrating Christmas (122516) @ Sabangan Beach Resort...[...]
Kobe: Pomeranian
I'm Ashley and this is my best bud, Kobe! We like doing outdoor activities such as running or just walking[...]
My Family enjoying bonding moments in the park with our bunso KHYMCHIE aka KC...miss our cuddly one... #LhadaApso Submitted by[...]
Yoorie: Mix. Shihtzu Chihuahua
Early morning jog with baby yoorie Submitted by Ging Santillan
Miley: Shih Tzu
Hi, my pet name is Miley..always happy and energetic.. she loves kisses and hugzz.. she's very friendly to everyone.. on[...]
Zoren: Shih Tzu
Submitted by Veronica Tamon
Zingko: Beagle
Our zingko loves to run in the field and play fetch with my niece and nephew <3 Submitted by Joana[...]
Buffy: Crossbreed Rottweiler – Doberman
This my Buffy.. She loves a new walk in a park where she plays and meets other dogs and chill[...]
Akira: Poodle
kiara & akira Submitted by Raquel Cabida
Clyde and Claire: Golden Pyrenees & Labrador Retriever
Our furbabies are Clyde and Claire, they really love to walk and run every Sunday morning with the whole family[...]
Jco Concepcion: Shih Tzu
Break time selfie! After jogging and walking. Tired! but, Happy and Healthy! Our #furbaby Jco 1yr/4mos. He really love to[...]
Max: English Bulldog
Out of town trips makes Max selfie ready! Location: Windmills @Rizal Submitted by Melissa Bugagao-Pama
Skippy Diaz: Shih Tzu
Walking at the park with my cute,loveble dog Skippy at least 30mns every morning is something i enjoy and keep[...]
Patrasche: Aspin
Selfie daw muna after Jogging :D... love you my patrasche Submitted by Evelyn Esguerra
Kaylor Swift: Dachshund
Mama is such a good Yoga mate. KAYLOR SWIFT The Dappled Doxie Submitted by Kaylor Swift
Petchie: Shih Tzu
Teaching petchie a tricks...Kxo di susunod kpg walang ung favorite nyang eggnog..๐Ÿ˜‚ Hahaha Submitted by Petchie Kitchie
Kiss me & Tulips: Shih Tzu
Resting with two of my furry friends after all walk. Submitted by Nastassja Ramone Tulfo
Twinkle: Dachshund
My Workout Buddy! Let's do this!๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ #gymathome #workout #workoutbuddy #twinkleandme #dachshund #dachshundofinstagram #petstagram #bondingmoments Submitted by Jazzmine Torres Lacastesantos
Sabrina and Clark: Shihtzu x Poodle and Shihtzu
Happiness โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ Submitted by Lorena Garcia
Potch (Father) & Sofia (Daughter): Shih Tzu
These are our furbabies Potch & Sofia (father & daughter shih tzu). We love to take them along with us[...]
KitKit: Shih Tzu
Every weekend we do walked around on afternoon til dawn. By the time she's tired i need to carry her[...]
Krackle and Natsu: Aspin
Taking a break from their morning jog!This is Krackle (Female, turning 3 this feb in purple harness, adopted from our[...]
Pachuchay: Shih Tzu
Me and my pachuchay attending activities at the park in the picture. we enjoyed activities together, meet new friends specially[...]
Spoon: Chihuahua – Mini Pinscher
He is our 6 month ChiMin dog. He loves to play with us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Submitted by Phinx Nicol
Billy: Belgian Malinois
Hello everyone! This is my K9 partner Billy. He is a Search and Rescue dog and we are members of[...]
Snuff : Chihuahua
Snuff is a 5 month old female deer-head chihuahua. She running of lawns like other dogs. This is me doing[...]
Boomer: Boston Terrier
Our leisure time <3 <3 <3 Submitted by Jeff Catapang
Toffee: Shih Tzu
We love to walk, my dog is very happy everytime we walk together, to be healthy we walk together every[...]
Muffin: Choco Point Siamese
Getting my mid section and back stronger and Princess Muffin enjoys being there beside me or under me. Planking together[...]
Chiffy: Aspin
When you're in focus to achieve your body goals with the help of Wii Fit, then there's a naughty one[...]
Darla: Pomeranian
THE BEST RUNNING ACCESSORY IS A FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND. ๐Ÿฉโคps. She fell from the bed at 2mos old, undergone surgery and[...]
Elouis: Shih x Poodle
No time for gym!Gym schedule problem! Theirs always a way to stay healthy... Exercise at home with my brave princess[...]
Natsu: Shih-tzu
bay watch Submitted by May-San Francisco
Natsu: Shih Tzu
'the beach boys' this furry kid had a blast, he had a great time with his humans enjoying the sun,[...]
Kofi: Doxie
Kofi..."The Jollydog". She is always UP for food and treats. ย She loves cuddle time so I always give her lots[...]
Blythe: Shih Tzu
A Walk to Remember#activehealthylifestyle #certifiedadventurera #petdog #furbabies #happiness Submitted by Anna Rose Pineda
Cotton: Pekingese
I loved taking you out COTTON! Submitted by Jehenellie Magsico
Damulag: Shih Tzu
hi there :] this is my very cute furbaby Damulag a 4 year old shih tzu we love doing morning[...]
Chimchim: Shih Tzu
Chimchim, a 10-month-old Shih Tzu, is a bolt of energy that never fails to brighten any person he would meet.[...]
Kaori : Siberian Husky
Daddy's duty#Kaori Submitted by Romel Catalogo
Pepper: Labrador and Belgian
Nikki and pepper wants to play in our backyard ....Pepper likes to run and play everywherr Submitted by Reinzi Cabrito
Ashza: Poodle
we love to swim.. specially during summer... enjoying island hopping! Submitted by Maria Cristina Batolan
Pitchie: Pomeranian
Jogging at the bay with my bebe Pitchie Submitted by Adel Eusebio
Maine: Mixed (Shih Tzu and Minipin)
Maine and I love to get up early in the morning, have a little walk around our village then hop[...]
Bonbon Family: Mixed
Hubby and our babies #bonbonfamily #squadgoals Submitted by Robel Bonilla
Ash: Siberian Husky
Taken when Ash and I joined Run fur Life 2016 Submitted by Mariah Nicole Mendoza
Oli: Aspin
Swimmingโค Submitted by Yoj Yoj
Diwani and Magie: Shihtzu and Yorki
Circle kami nyan!!!! Submitted by Jocelyn Relos
Peanut: Shitzu
Off to jog with the butterball, this is her favorite spot when riding in the car. Submitted by Ethelyn Golero
Reese: Shihtzu
This is REESE . He is 2yrs & 5mos . this is one memorable moment for me , my 2[...]
Pringles: Shihtzu
Pringles and I had a great time in the park! ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ Submitted by Daniella Sy
Thynie: Dachshund Cross Breed Japanese Spitz
Walking on the beach with my Thynie dog.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Submitted by Jopay David
Angus: Lhasa Apso
After jogging with angus. We took selfie 'cause we're HAPPY and HEALTHY!!! YEAH!!! Submitted by Jan Lester Lim
Brownie: Azkal
Sight seeing while on travel, Brownie is with us wherever we go. Submitted by Tess Costales
Happy: Chihuahua
This is taken from our trip to Baguio last October. I go travelling with my dog and he loves it![...]
Ashza Batolan: Poodle
my furbaby ashza is 5 yrs old and she loves summer! where we can beat the heat by the beach![...]
Hachi: Shih Tzu
My Hachi's first beach experience Submitted by Edu Cielo
Love, Blacky and Noah: Golden Retrievers
My every day routine๐Ÿ˜ Submitted by Ellen Castro
Pepper: Shihtzu x Daschund
Hi! This picture was taken at Fortune Island in Batangas. Since I'm a mountaineer and I love outdoor sports I[...]
Russell: Shih Tzu Princess
walking at the park Submitted by Roselle Casimero
Unagi: Yorkie
My dog's name is Unagi. She loves to play fetch and do tons of walking and jumping like a kangaroo![...]
Hachi: Dachshund
Walking and playing with my hachi (sunday date) at quezon memorial circle Submitted by Dada Odulio-Caburnay
Loki: Alaskan Malamute
Nag jogging kami ni Loki, nainggit yung maliit na si Matchui shih tzu nakitakbo pero hanimal clinic kalayaan makati, pet[...]
Fifi: Japanese Spitz
walking at Golden Haven Submitted by Rose Ealyn
Godzilla: Pekingese
Mountain hiking with my furry friends named foxy and godzilla in antipolo hills! Submitted by Oli Samaniego
Fifi: Half Shitzu Half Pom
My son biking with our dog Fifi!! Submitted by Amellen Castillo
Bacon: Shih Tzu
Sunday bonding at the park with Bacon Submitted by Rex Panelo