Home Alone!

Leaving your pets at home while you’re at work or school can be such a difficult task for both you and your pet. You’ll spend the whole day worrying if your pet peed on the carpet or if they’re eating their food.

Here are eight tips that you can follow when leaving your pet at home.

1. Make sure your pet is comfortable in their safe zone. This is where your pet feel the safest and most comfortable inside the house. Make sure to put all his favourite toys and blanket there and to leave some treats.

2. They’ll be spending a lot of time on their beds while waiting for you that is why you should make sure that they have the best and most comfortable bed.

3. Clean water is also a must when leaving your pets alone. It is the utmost important thing to do. Not only there should be water available for your pets, it should also be clean and fresh.

4. You should also consider leaving them food-dispensing toys to keep them preoccupied during the day. It will also distract them from thinking of when you’re returning from work.

5. TOYS! Provide chew toys for your pets to keep your pets entertained and to help maintain their gums and teeth healthy.

6. Consider leaving some classic music on for them too before leaving for work. This helps them relax and calm their nerves while your out.

7. Pet monitoring cameras can help you track what they’re doing while you’re not at home.

8. And lastly, if you still feel a little uncertain about leaving your dog, you can hire a petsitter or a dog walker to keep your dogs company or to take them out for a walk. Make sure to get the most trustworthy petsitter for your lovely pets.

by: Yza Angela E. Turingan St. Paul University Manila yashyamashita@gmail.com

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