How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Do you have a pregnant dog? You may be wondering how long they will stay pregnant and when should you expect your dog to give birth.

You have to understand the basics of dog pregnancy. This way you will be guided accordingly.

When Is Your Dog In Heat

Female dogs are in heat every 6 months. And each heat cycle can last up to 3 weeks.

It is advised however that you allow your female dog to get pregnant when she has reached 2 years old.

To know if your dog is in heat is to be observant of your dog’s behavior. At the onset of the heat cycle you will notice that the vulva is swollen and a bloody discharge is present.

Male dogs are drawn to your dog but she is still uninterested. The first stage of heat lasts 6 to 10 days.

The second stage is when your dog is fertile. Once the bloody discharge changes to a sandy color, she will welcome the male attention.

This fertile stage can last up to 10 days. Some fertile stage can even go as long as 20 days.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant?

With dogs, the telltale signs of being pregnant is somewhat similar to that of humans. Your female dog will show nipple growth, lesser activity level, decreased appetite and more sleeping time.

Dogs also experience hormonal changes such as becoming more affectionate or wanting to be left alone.

So How Long Is Your Dog Pregnant?

The average gestation period for a dog is at 63 days. But canine gestation period is between 58 to 67 days. The number of days depends on a few factors.

The more number of puppies the shorter the pregnancy. This is because the puppies will run out of room to grow and trigger canine labor sooner.

Small breed female dogs may also carry their puppies longer than larger breed dogs.

So if your dog is pregnant, better prepare for the arrival of the puppies. Identify a secluded spot in your house for the dog birth. Also make sure that your dog is properly cared for. Ask more about dog pregnancy care the next time you visit your vet.

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