How To Choose The Best Cat Food For Your Fur Baby (Without Over Spending!)

As a pet mom to your fur baby kitty, you only want the best for her.  Definitely!

You want her to have a loving home and experience the best care.  More importantly, you want her feel loved, feel good, and have the best nutrition.

After all, she is your one and only fur baby.

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Having her is the best thing that happened in your life.  You look forward to the daily cuddles, baby smiles, and cute meows.  Cellphone is always up and ready to snap a shot of every growth spurt of your beloved kitty.

You look forward to sitting and hugging her at the end of the day.

She is the center of your world.

That describes your weekday routine.

Now comes the weekend.  One weekend, you went shopping for the best cat food for your fur baby.

As you scan the aisle of cat foods, you see several cat food from well-known brands to unknown brands.  As you shy away from these lesser-known brands, you begin to question if those high-priced brands of cat food really deliver their promise?

As you read the labels of these pricey cat food packages, the practical side of you is still reluctant to put the cat food in your basket and open your wallet at the cashier.

So, how do you choose the best cat food for your cat?

Here are 3 factors that you should consider to make sure you are giving the best cat food to your fur baby:

  1. How old is your cat?

Do you have a kitten, pregnant, or ageing cat?  Bear in mind that they have very different nutritional needs depending on their age or life stage. The cat food that you give should be adapted to the key moments in cats’ lives.

  1. What is the lifestyle of your cat?

A cat’s nutritional needs vary considerably on whether she lives exclusively indoors or also has access outside.  A more active cat would have different nutritional needs over a sedentary cat.

  1. Is your cat sterilized?

Sterilization is also considered as a factor.

Sterilization can have a tendency to increase the appetite, while other cats can be more sensitive and have a reduced appetite. Whether these are permanent or temporary issues, the cat food that you buy has to take into account this factor to satisfy even the most demanding cat.

In all of these 3 factors, the cat food you should give to your fur baby should offer the most precise response to cats’ needs based on their age, lifestyle or some individual characteristics.

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When you take into consideration these 3 factors, you are on your way to giving the best cat food to your baby without spending more than her nutritional needs.

These factors help you stay away from cat food loaded with vitamins and nutrients for active cats, when you beloved kitty only rules over your condo.

More importantly, you will only choose the right cat food that will help maintain her health and prolong her life.

The next time you go on cat food shopping, keep in mind the 3 factors: your kitty cat’s age, lifestyle, and sterilization.

These are the same 3 factors that Royal Canin discovered in their 50 years of research on Feline Nutrition.  The specific characteristics of each feline profile and the assessment of the cat’s nutritional needs are therefore at the heart of their activities. Their research is  on 2 sources: observation of the animal and scientific

With science on your side, you can now choose the best cat food for your fur baby without over spending!

Happy cat food shopping!

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