Georgie: Pekingese
Responsible Pet Parent: Vib Marabut Georgie's second birthday looking very happy with her cake and ice cream. Her smile shows how[...]
Jessie: Golden retriever
Responsible Pet Parent: Rose Gadingan This is Jessie my 6 yr old GR. A very clingy mum,she thinks I'm her mother[...]
Molly: Mini daschund
Responsible Pet Parent: Janet Marcelino Naughty or Nice Pet photo
Matlypoo: Half Yorshire, Jap Spits and Shih Tzu
Responsible Pet Parent: Terence Ver Angsioco Maltypoo is goes with me everywhere I go in Poblacion. From coffee shops, restos and[...]
Wacko: Chocolate labrador
Responsible Pet Parent: Jackie Ricamara Sweet dreams wacko. Mwaa! :-* #dogsofinstagram #chocolab #sleepingdog #labrador
Happy: Schnauzer Mix
Responsible Pet Parent: Jackie Ricamara pictorial ni happy.. haha 🙂 #dogsofinstagram
Pochee: Duchand
Responsible Pet Parent: Ladyred Stoneheart Simple gestures of Pochee made my day. Lessen my stress and feel me I have a[...]
Eton: Mexican hairless
Responsible Pet Parent: Ismael Yacob Morning Eton
Eton and Diana: Mexican hairless
Responsible Pet Parent: Ismael Yacob This is Eton and Diana, mexican hairless dog. Like them