How Often Should Your Dog Have Rabies Vaccination?

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How Often Should Your Dog Have Rabies Vaccination?

Rabies Vaccination is one of the common shots that is given to the dogs.

Rabies or Lyssavirus is an infectious disease that targets the central nervous system in mammals. An infected animal usually behaves abnormally.

How Rabies Is Transmitted

A rabid animal can transmit this virus through bite. The virus is present in the saliva after it has travelled through the animalā€™s brain. This is when the animal can transmit the disease.

You have to remember that rabies cannot be transmitted through urine, feces or blood. This virus is not airborne and cannot affect the open environment.

Humans are usually infected from a bite, scratch or abrasion. The rabies virus can also infect if the saliva or brain tissue of the rabid animal gets in contact with open wounds or mucous membranes.

To make sure that you protect your family from the rabies virus, vaccination is the key. The first shot of rabies vaccination should be given to your dog at 3 months. Then every year after the first shot.

It is vital for pet owners to keep their pets updated on vaccinations. Rabies vaccination should be a priority. This is not just for the safety of the dog but for the family as well.

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