Pet Boarding: Keeping Your Pet Safe While You Travel

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Pet owners or Pet Parents as they are called nowadays would like nothing more than to spend quality time with their pets in a safe and relaxing environment such as their home.

However, there are times that they would either need to bring their pets with them when they travel or even leave their pets in the care of others until they get back.

This is a common dilemma that pet owners occasionally face but thankfully they have options to consider when choosing the right Pet Boarding Places for their beloved fur babies.

The first boarding option for you to consider for your pet is your friend or relative’s place.

The reason I’ve chosen a friend or relative’s place as a temporary boarding place for your pets are the following:

– Filipinos have close strong friendship and family ties and would most likely be more than happy to help you out than to turn you away*

– Most Filipinos have relatives that live relatively close or in a nearby province that makes it easy to travel to

Some things to consider when boarding your pet at your friend or relative’s place

– Make sure that your friend or relative has enough space to accommodate your pet.

– If your friend or relatives have pets of their own consider how your own pet (s) can get along with them.

– If your friend or relatives have children or elderly among them consider how to secure your pet so as not to cause undue inconvenience to them or your pet

– Make sure that members of your friend or relative’s family are not allergic to your pet

– Consider if the location of your friend or relative’s place has access to resources (pet food) or services (vet clinic) while you’re staying there.

– Please remember to bring items for your pet such as pet food, toys , etc. and leave some cash to spend for your pet so as not to drain your friend or relative’s own resources

As much as you may be staying with a relative that is very accommodating to you and your pet please inform them the estimated length of stay of your pet at their place so as not to be too imposing.

For those times that you would be travelling with your pet you may have the option of staying at a hotel that has pet friendly policies and accommodations.

Although this may turn out to be the more expensive option to choose this is for those of you who can’t find a nearby pet boarding facility or a nearby friend or relative to stay with.

The first thing to consider is to find a hotel that allows their guests to bring their pets to stay with them. If you don’t have a place in mind you can use this website, , to look for hotels in your area that allows guests to bring their pets with them.

For those that are based here in the city choose or input the word “Manila” in the Hotel Search box at the left hand side of the website. Then refine your search by moving down that same side until you see the Filter Results column. Below that, look for the Sub-heading “Hotel Preferences” and click the box beside the term Pets-Allowed. Then move back up to the Hotel Search box and click the button titled “Search for Hotels”

You can also try this link for other Pet Friendly hotels in the city

For those not based in Manila or will be travelling to another location just go through the same process as before just change the area near your vicinity or the area you will be travelling to. This will give you a list of hotels that allow guests to bring their pets.

Just make sure you read the hotel’s policies on what kind of pets you can bring with you and other limitations set by the hotel’s management.

Finally, your last but best option to finding a boarding place for your pet is your friendly Veterinarian’s Clinic.

The great thing about this option is that this is a very cost-effective way for pet owners to be assured that their pets will be cared for, properly fed, have access to medical facilities if needed, and be as safe as possible until you come home.

Although your pet may have everything they could possibly want or need make sure that some items such as a favorite toy or sleeping basket, can be given to the clinic’s staff to help your pet ride out the prolonged separation from you.

For those of you in the living in the Makati area you may contact the Makati Dog and Cat Hospital and inquire about the board and lodging services. Their contact details are 896-6386 (landline) and +63 908-896-7113 (Mobile). Their location is Gen. Luna corner Algier St., Poblacion, Makati City.

Makati Dog and Cat Hospital delivers professional and courteous boarding services for your pets and even offers “pet-suite” accommodations for their clients.

The friendly and accommodating staff of Makati Dog and Cat Hospital can also assist you in the travel documents that you need to prepare when travelling with your pet going towards your destination country as well as when coming into the Philippines.

With these options to choose from Pet owners no longer need to worry about looking for a good place to board their pets when they need to travel with them or leave them in the care of others while they are gone.

The choices in this article should give pet owners that added reassurance that their pets will be well cared for and safe the next time they make their travel plans I hope this was helpful for you.

Should you have any questions orconcerns I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks and Stay Safe.

Benedict “Dinky” de Borja has been a volunteer Firefighter + Medic for the Pateros Filipino-Chinese Volunteer Fire and Rescue Brigade for the last 5 years. He helps Dr. Sixto Carlos on topics such as Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, as well as First Aid.

*The Filipino culture makes it easy for us to bond and make friends with people from other countries. In times of need Filipinos will treat foreigners as part of their extended family and will gladly help them out if needed.

Enjoy peace of mind,

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