Questions You Should Ask When Boarding Your Pets

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Questions You Should Ask When Boarding Your Pets

Here are some questions to ask when boarding your pets:

Where will your pet stay?
You should know where your pet will stay while at the boarding facility. Ask to have a tour of the facility to make sure that the facility is organized, neat and odor-free.

How often will your pet be walked or exercised?
Boarding facilities usually let the dogs out twice a day and for a few minutes only. This may not be a problem if your pet is used to this routine. But if you want your pet to get more exercise, find a boarding facility that allows more exercise time –  3 walking times daily or more. Also learn if there is a fenced-in area where your pet can have room to roam a bit.

What will your pet eat?
Boarding your pet can be stressful, even for those who have been boarded a few times. The best way to avoid stressing your pet while on board is to bring his food. Check if there is additional charge to feed a special diet. Make sure to stress on the importance of giving your pet his regular food.

Will your pet be allowed to interact with other pets?
Ask the boarding facility about their rules regarding dog playtime. This includes their policies if an injury occurs.

What will happen if your pet will get sick or injured?
Boarding facilities should monitor the daily habits of their pet boarders. Some pet boarding facilities will do a daily “once-over” on their pet boarders to ensure there have been no tell-tale changes in their physical condition. This usually holds true for a boarding facility that is part of a veterinary hospital. Inquire if it is possible to bring your pet to your own vet if he needs medical attention.

How much is pet boarding going to cost?
When you plan on your vacation, make sure to include a budget for your pet’s boarding. Be direct with the pet boarding facility up-front. Inquire on the base boarding fee per day. This is typically based on the size and breed of dog you have.

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