Rabies Prevention Tips: What You Can Do To Lower Risk of Rabies Infection

rabies prevention tips

Rabies Prevention Tips: What You Can Do To Lower Risk of Rabies Infection

It is important to learn Rabies Prevention Tips. Rabies can be fatal to anyone infected with this virus.

During summer, it is common in the Philippines to conduct Rabies Awareness. Kids have more time to play outside their homes. That means more interaction with pets, whether their own or their neighbor’s, even strays.

Here are essential tips to protect you and your family from Rabies:

> Make sure that your dog or cat is up to date with the vaccinations. Rabies vaccination is given when your pet is already three months old. Your pet will need another Rabies shot in one year then every three years for the rest of your pet’s life.

> Keep a record of your pet’s vaccination in a safe and accessible location. This is to ensure that you have proper documentation of your pet’s vaccination. You will need this when your pet bites a person or another animal.

> Your pets should stay inside your home premises. Your pets should be supervised when outside. This is a good practice in keeping your pets from contacting wild animals or strays.

> You should call your local authorities to report stray dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

> In any case of bites: your pet is bitten by another pet, stray or a wild animal; your pet bites a person (you included), another pet or wild animal – consult your veterinarian and you doctor immediately.

> If you are travelling to another country, ask your doctor about the rabies vaccine. Avoid direct contact with any animals.

With these Rabies Prevention Tips, you will be able to live without fear with your pets.

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