Tick and Fleas: My Dog Only Lives Inside My Condo – Why Does He Has Fleas?

Tick and Fleas

Tick and FleasTicks and fleas: It’s a battle out there.

Any stray animal may have them.

No matter how you clean your dog and house, the moment you step out, it’s a battle.

Any stray animal may have them and it’s not like you can inspect every pet you meet in the park, right?

The main problem about ticks and fleas is that they are everywhere!

Yes, they are everywhere, including inside your condo.

My Dog Lives Inside My Condo – Why Does He Has Fleas?

You may be on the 25th floor of a high-end condo, well-maintained and immaculately clean, yet fleas and ticks can still come and live with you.

In my previous article on Apartment Living Dogs: Do They Need Anti-Fleas and Ticks Treatment?, I shared several not so obvious reasons why your pet has fleas.

Here’s are some of the reasons:

  1. We are social beings and we like to interact with others. At home, we have  visitors, who can be carriers of fleas and ticks.

READ THIS:  Anyone coming into your home could be a carrier of fleas and ticks

… and this includes YOU!

You go to work, jog around the neighborhood, go to the gym, do your grocery shopping, go out of town, go hiking, etc.  Fleas can hide themselves in your pants leg, socks, shoes, shopping bags etc.

  1. The world outside your condo is a breeding ground of fleas and ticks.  Once outside, your pet is exposed to the opportunity for fleas and ticks to hop aboard.

Even a quick visit to your Veterinarian, an overnight stay for pet boarding, or trip to the groomer.

Your pet is never safe.  

This is another reason why you should only partner with Registered Vets who follow strict rules on cleanliness and preventive maintenance in his or her office

These are just 2 of the reasons that I mentioned in my article: Apartment Living Dogs: Do They Need Anti-Fleas and Ticks Treatment?

If you want to know how to eradicate fleas and ticks in your home, you have to know first how you get them, what are the possible sources, so you can beat them in their game!

Go check out my post:  Apartment Living Dogs: Do They Need Anti-Fleas and Ticks Treatment?


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