Ticks 101

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Ticks 101

1) The tick found in dogs in the Philippines is Rhipicephalus sanguineus. In tagalog, garapata.

Ticks will not only bite your dog, but will they also bite you.

2) They love hot weather = summer.

3) They may cause your dog to scratch, be itchy and develop skin disease.

4) They are carriers of dangerous dog diseases like: Ehrlichia Canis (dog dengue) and Babesiosis.

paranaque vet clinic, carlos veterinary clinic

5) The species of ticks in other countries have toxins in their saliva which may cause tick paralysis.

6) The bite of ticks are irritating. May be painful and can cause inflammation. Secondary bacterial infection may lead to skin disease.

7) Lyme disease is painful condition in humans which is difficult to treat. It is transmitted by tick bites.

8) Visit your veterinarian on how to treat and prevent tick infestation of your dog and your house. It may be as easy as using spot on medications.

by: Sixto S. Carlos, DVM, MS

Makati Dog & Cat Hospital

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