Top 3 Family Cat Breeds: Kid Friendly Cats You Will Love

family cat breeds

Top 3 Family Cat Breeds: Kid Friendly Cats You Will Love

Are you looking among the family cat breeds that can deal with small kids? Allowing pets around the house will teach responsibility to your children. At the same time they will also have a playmate. Find out the perfect cat breed for your little ones.

Here are 3 Family Friendly Cat Breeds


Abyssinian cats are not just loyal companions to children but are playful as well. These cats keep themselves busy and love to explore. Other than just being curious, this cat breed showcases its intelligence in its inquisitive nature.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons love to receive attention as well as to give affection to its human family. Because of their calm disposition, this cat breed is known to be the oldest as companion cats. These cats are patient with active children and are playful as well. Though they need to be brushed daily as they have long fur.


Want to have a cat who can play fetch? The Burmese cats will do the job for you. These cats are active and can entertain the family with their playfulness. This cat breed is affectionate to children and loves to get the attention from a busy household.

If you are on the lookout for the kid friendly cats, the tope 3 family cat breeds mentioned above will do the bid.

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