Why Does Your Cat Often Lick And Groom Themselves?

For humans, cat licking is one of the adorable activities that these domesticated animals do.

But there’s more to licking than what you already know.

Licking As Cat’s Way of Cleaning

Most would think that cat licking is their way of cleaning themselves. And that is true. Cats love to groom themselves from head to tail.

There is even a system for these cats on how to clean their face. Licking their paws from the inside then rubbing their nose with the paw. Lick paws again then rub ears, back of the ear and over the eyes. Then do the same for the other side of the face.

After the face, the body is groomed with long strokes of the tongue. Grooming order of the body may vary and may not be groomed in one sitting.

Grooming A Social Activity Among Cats

Cat grooming is also a social activity among littermates and their cat mommy. Mutual grooming is called allogrooming. Cats learn to groom as early as 4 weeks old and start allogrooming at 5 weeks old. This activity among cats continues to adulthood.

Licking As A Stress Reliever

When cats are stressed, sometimes they are in a bend on what to do. To get their minds off the stress, they groom themselves. Licking their fur is a relaxing activity for them and doing so will alleviate their stress.

Grooming Keeps Cats From Predators

Certain scents may stick to the cat’s fur after eating or going out. Licking will rid their fur of these scents that may attract predators and keep them safe.

Cat Grooming Keeps Them Cool

As cats only sweat on their paws, grooming will keep their body temperature at normal.

Grooming Stimulates Blood Flow

If you are a cat owner, you will know that a cat’s tongue have tiny bristle-like hairs. Grooming improves the blood circulation in a cat just like when you use a brush on your scalp.

Licking Removes Stinky Smell From Others

It is thought that your cat likes to groom itself after you pet them because they want to remove your smell. Even if you know that you smell good, your cat may think otherwise. Next time you pet your cat try to observe if they groom afterwards. Then you know they don’t like your smell. Your cat has nothing against you, they simply love themselves.

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