Why Does Your Dog Have A Wet Nose?

Why Does Your Dog Have A Wet Nose?

Dogs have way better sense of smell than humans. And it is an accepted fact. It is also observed that a dog’s nose is wet. Not most of the time but it is part of their lives. Now you ask, why is your dog’s nose wet?

Mucus Secretion

It is not the gross kind. A dog’s nose is a major player in understanding their environment. Through the mucus secretion these canines are able absorb a scent that they want to follow. The thin layer of mucus allows the dog to smell better.

Detection Of Scents

It is common knowledge that dogs’ noses are more than triple the sensitivity level compared to humans. The dog is able to gather information of the things around them through their nose.

So dogs sniff in the scents. Then they lick their nose and send the sample to their olfactory glands on the roof of their mouths.

Cools The Dog Down

Dogs do sweat but you have not seen their fur getting sweaty. Because they sweat through their paws and yes, their nose. A dog’s nose can get really wet after exercising or high energy activity as a way to release heat. Other than panting a wet nose is an indication that your dog is keeping its cool.

There are times that your dog’s nose will be dry. It is also normal. No need to fuss on whether your dog is normal based on how wet or dry their nose is.

The only time you have to worry of your dog is when the mucus discharge gets thicker or crusty. It is one symptom that there is something wrong. Always seek your vet when this happens.

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